iPreservation Live

Mobile App

We believe technology should assist field crews and not burden them with difficult to use workflow systems. IPL's mobile app is designed to reduce errors and go backs. IPL is a streamlined solutions that leaves no rooms for missed task and pictures. IPL's mobile app is guaranteed to deliver better results and reduce errors.

Premade Tasks

Going back to a property for missing line items and photos can cost a substantial amount of time and money. With IPL's pre-made mandatory tasks, your field crews will know exactly what tasks they are to perform while onsite. IPL's pre-made tasks utilize a unique combination of checks to ensure proper completion and required photos are obtained.

Original Bid Photos Attachment

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Property Preservation companies haave proven that sentiment time and time again. IPL has integrated a feature that attaches previous bid photos to a new order when the bids are approved. This feature is helpful for new contractors and reassignments, and in tracking and assessing if damages are progressing. The system will place the photos in the pre-made task on the app to be viewed by field crews. Your crews and office staff will be able to quickly identify the exact location of the previous bid items and assess deteriorating damages.

Task Documents

One of the challenges in our ever-changing industry is new regulations and client requirements. IPL's task documents allow for task guides to be attached and viewed from the mobile app for each specific task. Rather than just sending an email, a document with photo requirements and photo examples can be viewed on every order. This can be especially helpful for new hires needing examples of how their photos should look in real time.

In-App Navigation

Field crews having to leave their mobile app to type an address is a thing of the past. IPL has integrated the most powerful map platform available today with Google Maps. With the press of a button, crews can open Google Maps and navigate to a property without worrying if they typed an address correctly and without exiting the app.

In-App Routing

Assisting field crews be efficient in job routing is critical to meeting due dates and job commitments. IPL has a built-in feature that allows field crews to select the properties they wish to navigate. With a simple push of a button, crews can create a route based upon their current location that will ensure the most efficient path of travel.

Offline Reliability

One of the major challenges that many face using the available app(s) today is working at properties with little to no mobile network service. IPL addresses these challenges by leveraging modern advances in offline first mobile databases. Once you have connected to the IPL database on your phone, the app will make available the features needed to complete an order - no matter what the service availability is in any location.

Communication Made Easy

In any Default services software, communication between field crews and office staff is vital to ensure job performance. IPL handles communication with modern technology designed to help get information into the hands of those who need it quickly. In-app messaging allows office staff and field crews to communicate in real-time. If a field crew needs to contact the office by phone, a shortcut phone icon is prominently available to call the appropriate office staff with the touch of a button, all without leaving the app.

Real Time Notifications

Emails have been a staple in the default services industry for decades, but are now known for being notoriously unreliable. To ensure field crews not only get an email upon assignment of new orders, canceled orders and new messages sent, IPL also sends the field crews push notification to their phone. With minimal effort, contractors can reply to new messages or order request from their mobile device.

Dynamic Forms

Proper documentation of properties is the cornerstone of any properly performed order. IPL uses the most modern dynamic forms available on any platform. Forms can be created that serve the office and field crews with custom questions and text boxes. IPL's dynamic forms allow one form to be created for field crews that allocates only relevant questions to the order being performed, while the office forms provide a more in-depth form.

Mobile Allowable Checklist

Knowing which allowables go with which loan can be an arduous chore for crews performing services infield. Currently, crews are tasked with searching through emails or printing off long allowable checklists to carry onsite. With IPL, custom allowable checklists based on loan types can be attached to specific orders where they are required. Crews can check which allowables are relevant to the property they are servicing, all while the app is intuitively populating tasks in the background that make it seamless to perform client allowables.