iPreservation Live


When it comes to selecting technology to run your business on, you want nothing but the absolute best. IPL has taken the best technology from industry giants like Google, Facebook, and Apple, and adapted them into one all-inclusive software designed to take your business to the next level. The result is the most advanced property inspection software for the mortgage field services available today. Below are just a few examples of some of the advantages that IPL offers.


The iPreservation Live app provides optimal organization for all of your properties. Keep all of your property data and important documents together on a singular, easy-to-use platform for instant access.


One of the biggest benefits of the IPL app is the fact that we are built on a fully mobile, cloud-based platform. This makes it easier for property managers to manage their properties on any smart device from anywhere in the world. Mobile applications offer a considerable amount of advancements for your property and your business.

Allowable Tracking

IPL's Allowables Module makes easy work of tracking client allowables. When you couple this with our mobile app allowable checklist, field crews can easily identify remaining allowables and perform onsite tasks.

Increase Administrative Efficiency

IPL puts tools in your teams' hands to quickly process property reports, dispatch orders, identify progressing damages, respond to city violations, and get properties into conveyance and sales condition in record time.

Measure Performance

Measuring performance of vendors and admin staff alike is important for fulfilling client expectations. IPL is equipped with a host of tools to assist in monitoring vendor performance, admin productivity, and company profitability. We put the tools in your hands to foresee and visualize how every level of your business is performing.

Increase Contractor Retention

Field crews are the life blood of the industry, and IPL has created the best user experience for boots-on-the-ground that deserve the most comprehensive tools available today. Currently contractors are faced with burdensome technology and poor workflow methods. IPL was created to assist field crews and lower work order errors, greatly reducing return orders and crew turnover.

Exceed Client expectations

Ultimately, fulfilling Service Agreements is key for client retention and gaining new business. Putting the best tools in your teams’ hands to accomplish this, is our main focus and number one goal. Our property history, bid history, and damage history sections are second-to-none and will ensure you are in full compliance. With these tools, your teams will easily be able to identify progressing issues and avoid costly at-cost orders.

Lower Operations Cost

The times are changing and the need for work-from-home solutions brings many new challenges. IPL has created the industry's first user activity monitoring system. The system is compliant with all US privacy laws regarding employer monitoring of employee work. Our system allows staff to use their own device and not have any personal accounts monitored. There is nothing to download and the system runs quietly in the background on the IPL web application. The system takes screen shots, monitors mouse clicks and keystrokes to be reviewed by team managers. Your office team can work from anywhere in the world and the need for office space can be greatly reduced or eliminated.